Creating Visualizations for the Revenue of the Top Four Accounting FirmsCreating Visualizations for the Revenue of the Top Four Accounting Firms

Visualizing the Revenue of the Big Four Accounting Firms:

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The renowned Big Four accounting firms – Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and KPMG – have firmly established themselves as leaders in the global industry. In 2023, their combined revenue surpassed an impressive $200 billion.

These firms play a pivotal role in auditing the majority of publicly traded companies worldwide.

Deloitte Emerges as Revenue Leader Among the Big Four in 2023:

The Big Four offer a wide range of services, specializing in auditing and assurance to help clients achieve financial transparency and regulatory compliance. They also provide strategic consulting services to support businesses in various areas. All four firms are legally based in the UK and hold significant influence in the global market.

Creating Visualizations for the Revenue of the Top Four Accounting Firms

It’s interesting to note that the largest accounting firms were once known as the “Big Eight,” but a series of mergers and closures starting in the late 1980s led to the consolidation down to four firms we know today.

Originally, the group comprised Arthur Andersen, Arthur Young, Coopers & Lybrand, Deloitte Haskin & Sells, Ernst & Whinney, Peat Marwick Mitchell, Price Waterhouse, and Touche Ross, all with headquarters in the U.S. or UK.

Over time, mergers such as Arthur Young joining forces with Ernst & Whinney and Deloitte Haskin & Sells combining with Touche Ross occurred. Additionally, Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand merged, reducing the count to five. However, the collapse of Arthur Andersen following its involvement in the Enron scandal led to the formation of the present-day four dominant firms.

The Scale of the Big Four:

Deloitte leads in terms of employee count, boasting over 456,000 team members as of FY2023. Following closely behind is Ernst & Young, with a workforce exceeding 395,000 individuals, while PwC comes next with 364,000 employees. Despite being the smallest among the four, KPMG still maintains a sizable workforce of 298,356 employees.


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