Airbnb takes a stand for renters in PensacolaAirbnb takes a stand for renters in Pensacola

In Pensacola, Florida, our community boasts numerous Airbnb properties, offering travelers a comfortable stay.
However, concerns have been raised by renters regarding the presence of indoor security cameras in these listings, seen as an invasion of privacy. This week, Airbnb addressed these worries by updating its policy, now strictly prohibiting the use of indoor cameras.
Renters can now book with confidence, knowing their privacy is protected.

Bradshaw Morel and Josh Mikula are currently enjoying a visit to Pensacola Beach all the way from Green Bay, Wisconsin. They opted for an Airbnb stay due to traveling with a large group of friends.

“It’s more practical with a big group like ours,” Morel explained.

Previously, Airbnb allowed security cameras inside listings as long as they were disclosed beforehand and placed in common areas like hallways or living rooms. However, this made guests like Morel feel uneasy, having to navigate around cameras to maintain privacy.

“It felt a bit uncomfortable,” Morel recalled from past experiences. “You kind of had to avoid them to make sure your privacy was respected.”

Janelle Perez and Edgar Hernandez, also visiting from Texas, echoed similar sentiments about wanting privacy while renting a space away from home.

“Privacy is important, especially when you’re away from home,” Perez emphasized.

To address these concerns, Airbnb has updated its policy regarding indoor security cameras. Now, indoor cameras are strictly prohibited in all listings, bringing relief to renters like Morel and Perez.

“I feel much better knowing there are no indoor cameras,” Mikula expressed.

Janise and Albert Johnson, Airbnb hosts in Perdido Key, also support the new policy. They never installed indoor cameras in their property, prioritizing their guests’ privacy.

“Our guests’ privacy is our top priority,” Janise affirmed. “Vacation should be worry-free.”

While outdoor cameras are still allowed, hosts must disclose their presence and location before guests book. The Johnsons utilize an outdoor Ring doorbell camera for safety reasons but emphasize they only check footage if a problem is reported.

“We’re not constantly monitoring the cameras,” Janise clarified. “We want our guests to feel safe and respected.”

The Johnsons believe the policy update was long overdue, emphasizing the importance of guest privacy over surveillance.

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