Accessing ChatGPT AI chatbot no longer requires an accountAccessing ChatGPT AI chatbot no longer requires an account

ChatGPT, the viral AI-powered chatbot that sparked widespread interest in generative AI tools at the beginning of last year, is now accessible without the need for an account.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, unveiled a new webpage on Monday that allows users to initiate conversations with the chatbot without the need for signing up or logging in first. This development removes any barriers for those who have yet to engage with an AI-powered chatbot, despite the abundance of news surrounding this technology over the past year.

“It’s fundamental to our mission to democratize tools like ChatGPT so that everyone can experience the benefits of AI,” stated Microsoft-backed OpenAI in a blog post on Monday. “With over 100 million users across 185 countries engaging with ChatGPT weekly to learn, find inspiration, and seek answers, we’re excited to announce that starting today, you can instantly access ChatGPT without the need for sign-up.”

This convenient access feature is being gradually rolled out, so interested individuals are encouraged to check the provided link to see if it’s available in their location.

However, it’s important to note that any text-based inputs provided during conversations may be utilized by OpenAI to enhance its AI technology. Users have the option to disable this feature via Settings, regardless of whether they create an account.

OpenAI highlights several benefits to creating an account, such as the ability to save and revisit chat history, share conversations, and unlock additional features like voice chats and customized instructions. So, if users enjoy their experience with ChatGPT and foresee using it again, setting up an account is worth considering.

For newcomers to ChatGPT, Digital Trends offers helpful tips on maximizing the experience. Additionally, OpenAI provides suggestions on what users might ask ChatGPT, such as 10 gift ideas for a cat’s birthday, explaining neural networks to children, or brainstorming fun backyard party concepts.


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